Hi there,

This is Jalal Uddin from Dhaka, Bangladesh.


I welcome you to DigitalJalal.com – First digital marketing blog in Bangladesh. My passion and strong desire on digital marketing brought me in this digital arena.


I would like to share my knowledge and experiences on the very trendy and demandable field digital marketing through my personal blog digital jalal.com. I have been in the field of marketing since 2009 and still learning new ideas, trends and knowledge of this field.


My journey to Digital Marketing……

I completed my Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) majoring in marketing from Northern University Bangladesh in 2010 and pursued my MBA from Institute of Business Administration(IBA), University of Rajshahi in 2012.


After completing my graduation and post-graduation, like most other graduates of Bangladesh – I faced lot of hurdles to select my suitable career. I was in fix at the very first of 2013 I decided to go abroad for higher education and started preparation to sit for IELTS (international English language testing system). However, in the meantime time I got a job at an educational institute named Royal Institute of Management as lecturer of BBA. Since then I stopped my preparation of IELTS.


During the service of that institute again I started to look for new job, as I was not satisfied with that very job. Luckily, I got my long-cherished dream job at Northern University Bangladesh, Rajshahi Campus as a Lecturer in Marketing. For your kind information, I was very excited about the job because Rajshahi was my hometown and Northern university is the institute from where I completed my Graduation!! So, I was feeling proud to be a part of northern family.


Yes, my dream job started in January 2014!!! I served Northern University Bangladesh as a lecturer in Marketing for 3 years. But I had to leave my likable profession in December 2016, because as per the instruction of UGC (University Grants Commission Bangladesh) all outer campuses of private university were supposed to stop their academic activities.

In brand new 2017, again I started to look for jobs but could not find any suitable job. Even though during this period I managed few jobs but doesn’t match with my expectation and skills. So, what’s next? Will, I remain jobless? Should I join any organization, which I don’t like or doesn’t match with my personality? These questions were killing me and life seemed to me very hard. I couldn’t but had to take a decision. Truly speaking during this time, I lost my motivation to work for an employer or traditional 9 to 5 jobs.


This real-life situation helped me to take the right decision in the right time. Yes, I think and believe that deciding to be an independent digital marketing expert was my best decision and still I am realizing that the learning what I have learned during last couple of months is the best learning of my life.


During this short journey, I have read lot of articles, journals, blogs and watched many videos which actually validated my decision to be a digital marketer. I have been in this field of digital marketing for three months and would like to continue rest of my life……….