Why is Digital Marketing Career Opportunities in Bangladesh Rising?

Digital Marketing Career opportunities in Bangaldesh

How do you watch films, order a cab or bike, book a ticket and buy a product? Rather than watching television, you love to hang out on youtube for movies or entertainment. If you want to go to a place quickly you may use apps like Uber to hire a vehicle and avoid the traffic jam. Either it is booking a ticket or buying a product you love to use apps and the internet. This is how the scope of digital marketing and digital marketing career opportunities in Bangladesh is rising.


Could you remember the day you were not exposed/signed in to digital media/social media like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram?
Friends, I think you couldn’t……..!!!!

  • From morning to midnight, dawn to dusk we are exposing with different digital media. (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Blogs so on).

  • At present, our daily life is heavily influenced by the internet and this influence is rising day by day.

    So, businesses are trying to communicate with their target customer through these digital media.

  • People used to spend time with TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers in the past while they are spending time with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Blogs so on at present and this trend is rising.

This is how digital marketing emerging as a big player in Business.

Let’s see, why digital marketing career opportunities in Bangladesh is huge? And why this new field will be the game changer?

If we have a look at the uses of the internet in Bangladesh.

Digital Marketing Career opportunities in Bangladesh

Digital Marketing Career opportunities in Bangladesh

According to Wikipedia, Bangladesh is the 10th largest internet base of the world. The above figure shows that digital marketing will influence our day-to-day life heavily. As internet penetration is rising at a rapid speed, we will heavily depend on the internet and different value-added services provided by it.


Digital Marketing Career opportunities in Bangladesh

Digital Marketing Career opportunities in Bangladesh


Internet User in Bangladesh is growing very fast. According to BTRC, the total number of Internet Subscribers has reached 90.501 million at the end of August 2018. It is huge compared to our neighboring countries like India, Pakistan, and Nepal.

According to the BTRC report published in August 2018- 84.685 million people use internet through the mobile phone. 0.083 million people through WiMAX(wireless communication).   5.733 million use through ISP(Internet Service Provider)+PSTN (public switched telephone network)


Figures tell a lot-

 About 80% of total internet users are in between 18 to 34 years

 According to Statista.com, global digital ad spending is 229.25 billion in 2017

 It will increase up to 335.48 billion in 2020

 About 50% of total global ad sales will be digital by 2020.

 Digital Marketing expenditure of Bangladesh is half a billion, and it is rising year by year.

 70% population access to the internet through a smartphone.

 According to sources digital add market is around 1 billion in Bangladesh.

 Bangladesh has the 8th largest population in the world

 One-third of the populations are young

 While 70% of the population is under the age of 35 which is making companies spend more on digital channels to reach their targeted audience.


Above numbers tell a lot about the importance and significance of digital marketing in the 21st century. If this trend continues for a few years, traditional marketing will be replaced by digital marketing soon.

Marketing through the digital medium is getting popular for several reasons. Firstly, It is a cost-effective medium compared to other traditional media like TV, Newspaper, billboard, etc.

Secondly, Unlike other media, in digital advertising ROI(Return On Investment) can be measured easily.

Besides the above benefits, a company or brand can run very targeted, personalized and customized ad campaign, which is almost impossible through traditional media.

Digital Marketing Career Opportunities in Bangladesh

Digital Marketing Career opportunities in Bangladesh

Digital Marketing Career Opportunities in Bangladesh

As the companies are moving to digital, to manage their strong presence in the digital and social platform-they need skilled people who can handle the activities of digital marketing.

Whether it startups, small business, sole entrepreneur, medium size company or a large corporation every company need a digital marketing team to survive and prosper in this competitive market.

It will be one of the biggest challenges for companies and entrepreneurs.

And these challenges are the biggest career opportunities in digital marketing for the graduates, students, and professionals.

If someone learns digital marketing, and components of Digital marketing, he/she can start a job in this new field-bright future.

However, digital marketing is not rocket science, anybody can learn digital marketing who has an interest in it.


Say Hello to Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Career opportunities in Bangladesh

Digital Marketing Career opportunities in Bangladesh

Having over 160 million people Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated nations of the world. Around 110 million people are aged below 35.

This is one of the biggest opportunities as well as challenges for Bangladesh. If Bangladesh can utilize these potential young generations, they might be turned into the asset of the country. On the other hand, if fails to do so Bangladesh will suffer in the long run.

Considering this huge potential young generation Bangladesh government started the digital Bangladesh campaign in 2009. The main goal of digital Bangladesh is to transform our country into knowledge-based within 2021.

It was a good move. But everyone has to work from their own position to turn our country into knowledge-based. from labor based.

Now it’s time to grab all these opportunities. If we able to utilize the new digital sector and equip our-self for the future job market, it may be the life changer for our country.

The opportunities for digital marketing and IT sector are not limited within Bangladesh, if we are skillful enough we can serve the world and earn huge foreign currency.


So, it’s time to rock, its time to  Grab digital marketing career opportunities in Bangladesh.

Is not it Friends?

What do you think?

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