Digital Marketing Career Opportunities

Digital Marketing Career Opportunities


By the very comment of the founder of Microsoft, we realize the power of online and digital. In the 21st century, digital marketing career opportunities are huge.

Change or Die….. !!!

Yes In The present competitive business environment you have to cope with the changes or you have to die.

As we know that marketing is the basic function of any business. Whether it is small, medium or large enterprise, each and every organization must market themselves and their products.

In the 21st century, digital marketing is no longer an optional strategy for businesses in Bangladesh. It is considered the mainstream function of a business.

Nowadays people spend a significant amount of time on the internet and digital media.

Organizations are realizing that only traditional marketing is not enough to reach the customer.

So, Organizations are investing in digital marketing by opening a digital marketing department, recruiting digital marketing professional and ensuring the active presence of the business in the cut-throat competition. In this way, the digital marketing career opportunities are rising.

This is how digital marketing jobs and carrier opportunities in Bangladesh are rising. And in the coming years, there will be an exponential growth of digital marketing jobs in Bangladesh.

So, let’s talk about how the digital marketing team is formed and what are the Qualifications or skills required and responsibilities to be performed by digital marketing professionals.


A job seeker may develop their career in following positions.

Head of Digital Marketing

 Qualifications and Experience required:

To be a Digital Marketing Manager you need to have 5+ years of experience. Along with your experience, if you have a portfolio, it will help you a lot.

For example, I have started to be a Digital Marketing expert in Bangladesh. I can use this blog as a reference to get projects or clients in the future.

Only attending a Certificate Course or participating in short training is not enough to be a Digital Marketing Expert.


Job Responsibilities:

A digital marketing manager is a person who leads the digital marketing team. In a typical organization in Bangladesh, digital marketing manager report to Head of marketing.

DMM is the person who develops, implement and execute digital marketing strategy.

DMM also integrate all components of digital marketing to send a complete message to the target group.


Content Marketing Manager

 Content marketing is one of the top digital marketing career opportunities in recent days because we know that content is the king.

Qualifications required:

No specific educational qualifications are required.

If you have MBA or Masters that may help in some cases but not always.

But if you develop a portfolio related to the job responsibilities that’s will help you a lot.


Moreover, you need to have 3-5 years of practical experience in the content marketing field.


Job responsibilities:

The responsibilities of content marketing manager are managing website, blogs, social media, video marketing, e-mail marketing and guest blogging.

Content manager develops content and shares it through different medium regularly.

Content marketing manager leads a team of content writers or writes content own self.

As a Content Marketing Manager, you shall report to the Digital Marketing Manager or head of marketing.


Social Media Marketing Experts

Social media marketing expert is another digital marketing career opportunities in Bangladesh. These days’ social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram has become very popular in Bangladesh, So, many organization recruiting social media expert to ensure their social media presence.

Qualifications Required:

To be a social media Expert, you should have knowledge about the latest trend in popular social media.

Moreover, you need to understand the specific policies rules and regulations of different social media platform.


Social media platforms are very dynamic. They continuously change and update their feature. So, an expert on social media must be updated with the change.

Managing all social platform, running targeted and customized ad campaign is the major duties and responsibilities of social media manager.

Depending on product or brand requirement, Social media expert also develop objectives and strategy of social media add campaign.


Search Engine Marketers

It is one of the major/important parts of Digital Marketing. Nowadays many organization need Search engine marketer. So if you acquire some specific skills, surely you will get rewarded.

 Qualification required:

To be an efficient Search Engine marketer you need to be efficient in google Awards. Because most of the ad campaign is run on Google.

The prime objectives of SEM are to get the target number of clicks or leads from a marketing campaign.

Job Responsibilities of SEM

Usually, in a small organization, the digital marketing manager look after the SEM but if the organization is a large individual search engine marketer is assigned to manage the search engine campaign.


Bid management, keyword research, analysis, ad copywriting and the split testing the ad campaigns are done by SEM.

SEO Executives (Search Engine Optimizer)

As you know search engine optimization is done to rank a content or website organically without spending money on advertisement. SEO executives do the job of optimization following the rules of a search engine.

Cost-effectiveness is the most important benefit of using SEO expert.

Qualification Required:

To be a search engine optimizer or expert you should have thorough knowledge about the search engine. Because Google ranks a website or content following 200+ rules.

There are some popular tools, for example,, which you can follow to learn about the latest trend and knowledge about SEO. is another important SEO tool which is followed by digital marketers.


Job Requirement/Description:

The major job responsibilities of an SEO executive include keyword research, preparing attractive title for content, use of Google webmaster tool, indexing web page, prepare SEO optimized article to publish, user experience optimization, last but not least manage duplicate content.


An SEO expert usually reports to the digital marketing manager. In a small organization, an SEO expert may serve individually but in a larger organization, a whole team is dedicated to doing all the SEO stuff.

Digital Marketing Executive

At present many organizations have started digital marketing activities along with their traditional marketing.

So, to start the digital marketing operation many Bangladeshi organization, start-up, small business recruiting digital marketing executive.

If you grab the digital marketing career opportunities, be proficient on the components of digital marketing, it would be easy to start career in diigtal marekting.

Qualification Required:

To start a career as a digital marketing executive you must have basic knowledge about all digital platform and components of digital marketing. You may read my article components of digital marketing to know further about it.

Apart from your knowledge and skill in digital marketing, having graduation or masters may carry extra value to get the job.

But the most important and crucial fact is that, if you have practical experience or portfolio educational qualification may be relaxed.

And developing a portfolio is the strongest weapon to get the desired job in the digital marketing field.

Because in this virtual world your work or portfolio is the only means through which you can prove your expertise or skills.

Duties and responsibilities:

A Digital Marketing Executive reports to Digital Marketing Manager. As an executive of a digital marketing department, your responsibility is to assist the manager, develop and manage digital marketing strategy, oversee the social media campaign, manage the website, conduct PPC campaign, manage the content etc.


In a small business or startup, you may be responsible for doing all the above task.

But in a large organization, your duties shall be defined by the departmental head.

 Copy Writers

Copywriter helps to write and prepare attractive and appealing content. A copywriter co-ordinates with various people in the digital marketing team.

For example, a Copywriter helps-
    A social media expert to prepare an attractive post that engages
    Content marketing manager to develop attractive content,
    Search Engine Marketers to develop better Ad to convert a customer.

Most of the organization hire a freelancer to manage their copywriting issue. But at present few organizations are recruiting permanent copywriter to integrate among different function of digital marketing.

Content Writers

It is one of the best digital marketing career opportunities. If any job seeker wants to develop their career in digital marketing, they might go through the following hierarchy from digital marketing trainee to head of digital marketing.

Just have a glance at the hierarchy of digital marketing in the following.


If you want to develop your career in any of the above position, you must develop your skill first. You should know about the components of digital marketing.

Digital marketing career opportunities are expanding. If you know how to become a self-made digital marketing expert, I can guarantee you will be in high demand.


What do you think about the future digital marketing career opportunities? Share with us.


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