Digital Marketing Expert in Bangladesh

Digital marketing Expert in Bangladesh

Hi there, This is Jalal Uddin Arif, a digital marketing expert in Bangladesh. I love to live and breathe in digital marketing. I started this blog to share my knowledge and experience in digital marketing and social media marketing.

Personally, I love to call myself a Digital Marketer, Blogger, Entrepreneur and Problem Solver. The motive behind starting is to help the newbies, professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.


Major objectives of this blog are-

  • To find out the hidden potential in you to become a successful digital marketing expert
  • To help the students and professionals who are struggling to learn digital marketing
  • To provide winning formulas and tips to manage and grow the startups and small businesses
  • To motivate and inspire the newbies by sharing the opportunities and success stories in digital marketing.

My Life a bit…..


I completed my Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Masters of Business Administration both majoring in marketing from Northern University Bangladesh and Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Rajshahi, respectively.

Always marketing was my subject of choice.


Hustling to find a way…

After completing my graduation and post-graduation, like most other graduates of Bangladesh – It was a hard time to find a suitable career.

Then I moved to my long cherished dream of higher education abroad and started preparing for IELTS. After preparing for months finally, I took the test and secured handsome score to get admission at a foreign university.

But unfortunately, I had to give up the dream of higher education because my family could not afford the costs of higher education at that moment.

Professional Career

As I could not go abroad for higher study, I was searching for opportunities in Bangladesh. However, in the meantime, I got a job offer from a private university to serve as a Lecturer in Marketing. Thinking about my future goal of higher education (MPhil/ Ph.D.) abroad, I accepted that offer. I was very excited to serve as a lecturer in marketing as marketing was my subject of choice. Furthermore, it was an outer campus situated in my hometown……!!!

Dream Shattered

After serving the Institute for three years as a lecturer, suddenly I got a huge setback. Because according to the Instructions of Bangladesh University Grants Commission (UGC) all outer campuses of the private university had to stop their academic activities. So, I had to leave that profession. Later on, I was looking for jobs in similar roles and responsibilities like before but could not manage it. Oh..!! Still, I can remember those struggling days!


My Journey to be a Digital Marketing Expert in Bangladesh

In a brand new year, again I started to look for jobs but could not find any suitable job. Even though during this period I managed few jobs but doesn’t match with my expectation and skills

So, what’s next?

Will, I remain jobless?

Should I join any work, which I don’t like or doesn’t match with my personality?

These questions were killing me and life seemed to be very hard. I couldn’t but had to take a decision. Truly speaking during this time, I completely lost my motivation to work for an employer or traditional 9 to 5 jobs.

My journey to being a digital marketing expert in Bangladesh was not planned.

This real-life situation helped me to take the right decision at the right time. Yes, I think and believe that deciding to be an independent digital marketing expert was the best decision in my whole life.


Since then, my digital marketing journey started……

During this journey, I have read a lot of articles, journals, blogs and watched many videos which actually validated my decision to be a Digital Marketer.

I am a great fan digital marketing expert like Neil Patel, Matt Cutts,,

I also follow top digital marketing expert in Bangladesh and India.

Truly speaking, digital marketing goes with my skills, experiences, likings, and personalities and realized that this is the field I was looking for.

Furthermore, I have attended a number of courses like Digital Marketing Bangladesh, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Digital Marketing Strategy for Business to know the components of digital marketing.

I came to this field of digital marketing by an accident but would like to continue it for the rest of my life……….

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